Rep. Labrador: Senate Immigration Bill Puts "Legalization Of 11 Million People Ahead Of Security"


DAVID GREGORY: Let me ask you about immigration. President Bush-- former President Bush is expected to speak out about immigration reform this coming week. He could be a very strong voice within the Republican Party after the Senate has passed immigration reform to put pressure on the House. How will you respond to that? And do you think we’re going to get a bill in the end out of the House?

REP. RAUL LABRADOR (R-IDAHO): You know, I hope we’re going to get a bill. I think immigration reform is necessary. As you know, I have been negotiating on immigration reform now for some time. But my concern with the Senate bill is that they put the legalization of 11 million people ahead of security. The legalization happens first, and then the security happens second. And I think the American people are not going to stand for that. In fact, if you look at this Obamacare debacle that they have right now, this administration is actually deciding when and where to-- to actually enforce the law. And that’s what some of us in the House are concerned about. If you give to this administration the authority to decide when they’re going to enforce the law, how they’re going to enforce the law, and you-- you tell them that it’s okay if they decide if there’s going to be 20,000 troops or if there’s going to be-- I mean 20,000 border patrol agents or it’s-- or they get to determine when the border is secure, I can tell you that Janet Napolitano has already said that the border is secure. So what’s going to happen is that we’re going to give legalization to 11 million people and Janet Napolitano is going to come to Congress and tell us that the border is already secure and nothing else needs to happen.

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