Gwen Ifill: James Rosen Wanted "Secret Information For Secret Information's Sake"


STEPHANOPOULOS: Gwen Ifill, the attorney general has tried to get on top of that this week, describing his -- friends describing a creeping sense of remorse over that targeting of James Rosen. He's met with several journalist organizations over the week on a kind of background basis, which has caused a lot of consternation with some. Is he going to have to go?

GWEN IFILL: Well you know how, when it's about journalism, how kind of navel-gazy we get.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Right, the public doesn't seem to care about this.

IFILL: We care terribly, so it has to be important. But -- but here's -- there's not going to be a Kumbayah moment here. One of the interesting things that's coming out -- come out of these meetings with -- with newspaper bureau chiefs, and broadcast bureau chiefs in Washington is that it turns out, nobody knows how anybody does anybody's job. I guess I believe this, that it didn't occur to the people of the Justice Department that this is what reporters do all the time. That they go -- they -- they urge. That they try to get information, that they flatter.

The question to me becomes, to what end? Are we -- was -- it's not whistle-blowing we're talking about -- we're just talking about getting information, secret information, for secret information's sake. And so journalists have to look at our motives and our accountability in these matters, as well as the administration. (This Week, June 2, 2013)

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