Carney Blames Republicans In Congress For Contracting Economy


Responding to a report out today showing that the U.S. economy had shrunk by 0.1 percent in the fourth quarter of 2012, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today criticized Republicans in Congress for creating "headwinds" and also accused them of changing their minds on the sequester for "nakedly political reasons."

CARNEY: We have seen consistent job growth over almost three years. Home prices are starting to climb back, consumer confidence overall has been rising, consumer spending have been rising, but there is more work to do, and our economy is facing major headwinds, which goes to your point. And that is: Republicans in Congress.

Talk about letting the sequester kick in, as though that were an acceptable thing, belies where the Republicans were on this issue not that long ago. And it makes clear, again, that this is political brinkmanship of the kind that results in one primary victim: and that's American taxpayers, the American Middle Class.

CARNEY: I could give you quote after quote after quote of Republicans saying how desperately important it is to avoid the sequester, because of the impact; the negative impact it would have. If they changed their mind, they've changed their minds for apparently political reasons.

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