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Is Nuclear War on Its Way?
Ben Shapiro discusses Vladimir Putin's decision to annex parts of Ukraine, upping the chances of nuclear war.
Gov. DeSantis Warns Against Looting: You Haven't Seen It In Florida Like After Other Natural Disasters
Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday in an interview with FOX News host Sean Hannity warned against looting following the destruction Hurricane Ian brought to Southwest Florida. HANNITY: Americans step up and help foreign countries. We step up when any other state has a situation like this. Florida...
Watch Live: White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre Holds Tuesday News Briefing
White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is expected to brief reporters on screen around 1:00 on Tuesday.
October Surprises For Walker, Oz, And Fetterman; Elon Musk Fixes Ukraine
RealClearPolitics co-founder and president Tom Bevan joins RCP Washington Bureau Chief Carl Cannon to discuss "October Surprises" in the Georgia and Pennsylvania Senate races. Plus, Elon Musk proposes a compromise between Ukraine and Russia sparking a firestorm in the Twitterverse.
Doug Mastriano: You've Been Lied To By The Democratic Party About Crime, Why Would You Vote For Josh Shapiro?
Pennsylvania Republican nominee for governor Doug Mastriano talked to David Brody about his opponent Josh Shapiro.
Kari Lake: I Never Hear The Media Ask Where My Opponent Stands On Abortion
Arizona's Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake was asked if she supported Arizona's abortion law, Lake responded with her policy and her Democrat opponent, Katie Hobbs, position: "I support saving as many lives as possible. What I really want to know, and I've been waiting, I tune into you...
Gen. Wesley Clark: Putin Believes The U.S. Is "Directly Involved" In Ukraine, "So We're Only Fooling Ourselves" By Denying It
CNN: In an effort to overcome Biden administration resistance to providing it with a new set of powerful, long-range rocket systems, the Ukrainian government is now offering the US full and ongoing visibility into their list of intended Russian targets, multiple officials familiar with the...
Watch: President Biden Speaks About Hurricane Relief During Visit To Puerto Rico
President Biden will visit Puerto Rico on Monday afternoon, where he is scheduled to give remarks around 2:30 p.m.
Petraeus: NATO Response To Nuclear Strike In Ukraine Would Be To "Take Out Every Russian Conventional Force" In Ukraine, Crimea, Black Sea
Retired Gen. David Petraeus predicted Sunday on ABC's "This Week" that if Russia uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine, NATO would respond by destroying all Russian forces in the country, including Crimea and their Black Sea fleet: GEN. DAVID PETRAEUS, FORMER CIA DIRECTOR & U.S. ARMY (RET.): You...
Rep. Nancy Mace to VP Kamala Harris: Hurricanes Don't See Color, "This Is Literally The Definition Of Discrimination"
Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) in an interview Sunday with FOX News host Trey Gowdy responded to Vice President Kamala Harris declaring that relief for Hurricane Ian should be "based on equity." "This is literally the definition of discrimination," Mace said. "Hurricanes don't see color. Hurricanes...
Chomsky: The U.S. And It's "Lackey" Britain Are "Isolated" In Their Commitment To Ukraine
MIT linguist Noam Chomsky spoke about the staggering difference between media coverage of the war in Ukraine inside and outside the United States, during an interview alongside Vijay Prashad on "Democracy Now!" "There's been a large amount of... euphoria... over the claim that Modi, prime...
Campaign Ad: Why Did Gretchen Whitmer Put "Pornographic" LGBT Books In Michigan Public Schools?
Michigan Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon is targeting Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer over "pornographic" books available in public schools. This ad from the "American Principles Project" highlights some of the books' content. "You're probably wondering why this is in a...
VP Kamala Harris: Hurricane Recovery Resources Should Be "Based On Equity"
Vice President Kamala Harris says relief to Hurricane Ian victims should be delivered "based off equity," understanding that "not everyone starts out at the same place."
Maher: Dems Could Take Unpopular Kamala Harris Off The Ticket, But "They Are So Boxed In By Identity Politics"
Bill Maher said on Friday's broadcast of his HBO program that Vice President Kamala Harris is not that popular but that the Democrats are "boxed in" due to identity politics and can not have a presidential ticket without "a woman and person of color on it." "It's very hard to take the nomination...
Glenn Greenwald: Since Iraq WMDs, Havana Syndrome, And Russiagate, We Can't Trust U.S. Intel About Ukraine
Journalist Glenn Greenwald warned about politicized corruption in the intelligence community during an interview this weekend with FNC's Dan Bongino: GLENN GREENWALD: Obviously, you go back to the original sin, which is in 2002 and 2003 when the CIA disseminated what turned out to be false...
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