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Eric Bolling: I Don't Hate Paul Ryan, But I Hate What He Did To President Trump
'The Five' co-host says the speaker of the House led President Trump to believe that the Republican plan to replace ObamaCare was ready to pass.
Michael Moore: People Are Starting To Get It, Trump Lied To Them
Filmmaker Michael Moore comments on the failed GOP health care reform plan.
Full Replay: House Debates Obamacare Repeal Before Ryan Pulls Bill
The U.S. House of Representatives is expected to vote on a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare on Friday. In today's White House press briefing, Sean Spicer said the vote was expected to take place around 3:30 PM EST but by that time, the bill had been pulled and the House had gone into...
Full Replay: Daily White House Press Briefing With Sean Spicer, March 24
Watch the daily WH press briefing with press secretary Sean Spicer.
HuffPost Stein: "Can I Just Apologize On Behalf Of My Gender" For GOP Senator's Comments?
Huffington Post scribe Sam Stein apologized on behalf of men.
Steve Rattner: AHCA Takes Tax Credit Money From Low-Income Americans
Morning Joe economic analyst Steve Rattner charts how the AHCA would make health care less affordable for Americans. If you make less than $50,000 per year, Rattner says you will be a "loser" under Trump's plan.
Rep. Bill Johnson: "At Some Point Today" House Will Vote On Health Reform
Rep. Bill Johnson, a member of the House Budget Committee and a Republican from Ohio, discusses last minute changes made to the American Health Care Act as he is certain the bill will pass a House vote expected to come later today. He speaks with Bloomberg's Kevin Cirilli.
GOP Rep. Gohmert: Health Care Vote Will Bring Trump Down If It Passes
Rep. Louie Gohmert explains to FOX Business Network's Stuart Varney why he will reject the Republican health care plan. There's going to be at least five, there could be nine, and there could be more that vote ‘no’ and I’m told as of last night there are 17 moderates that are ‘no’,...
'Special Report' Panel: Optics Of Delaying Health Care Reform
Mollie Hemingway, A.B. Stoddard, Chris Stirewalt.
Rep. Marsha Blackburn: "We're Trending Towards Yes" On GOP Health Care Bill
Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) talks about the future of the Republican health care plan with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business Network. "We're trending yes," she said about the bill. "This is the product that we have to fulfill our promise that we are going to repeal Obamacare and get this off...
Tucker: U.S. Gov't Spying On Its Own Citizens For Political Reasons; "Nothing Scarier," "Third World"
Via 'Tucker Carlson Tonight': House Intelligence Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes says Trump team communications captured by intelligence community surveillance after the November election. But what about the larger issue of surveillance? Carlson wondered: "It is a little bit weird that one...
MSNBC's Chris Matthews to Senate: Vote "Nay" On Neil Gorsuch
MSNBC host makes the case why everyone should call their senators to vote against the confirmation of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee: Neil Gorsuch.
Sanders: AHCA Is A Tax Cut For The Rich, Not A Health Care Plan
SANDERS: It is probably wrong to refer to this legislation as a 'health care plan.'
Ham: People Can't Afford To Use Their High-Deductible Obamacare Coverage
Federalist senior writer Mary Katharine Ham debates CNN's Chris Cuomo during a Thursday morning health care discussion 'New Day.' “Well, you can be nasty about it or you can listen to me,” Ham replied after Cuomo rebuked what he called a “cheap” answer about Obamacare’s “essential...
Full Replay: Daily White House Press Briefing With Sean Spicer
WH press secretary Sean Spicer is scheduled to speak to the press at 1:30 pm EST.
Full Replay: Gorsuch Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing, Day 4
Judge Neil M. Gorsuch, President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, is in his fourth day of confirmation hearings.
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