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Scaramucci: Gen. John Kelly "Has Hissy Fits" In The West Wing
Former White House Communications Director and author of “Trump, the Blue-Collar President,” Anthony Scaramucci told Chuck Todd that Chief of Staff John Kelly wanted to create a spectacle by firing him, during an exclusive interview with Meet the Press. Scaramucci comments on reports of a...
George Papadopoulos: "Western Intelligence Front Group" Introduced Me To Alleged Russian Spy
Former Trump campaign volunteer George Papadopoulos and his wife speak out on having their lives turned upside down by the Russia probe and blame "Western intelligence front groups" for introducing them to alleged Russian agent Joseph Mifsud. They are hosted by FNC's Jesse Watters.
Van Jones: Retweets Do Not Count As Votes, Don't Get Distracted
CNN's Van Jones encourages people to get out and vote ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, saying the November 6 elections are the first real referendum on President Trump.
Joy Reid: New Charges Show Russian Attacks On US Are Ongoing For 2018
MSNBC's Joy Reid reports on the latest developments in the Robert Mueller investigation, as well as new charges against a Russian hacker for interference in the 2018 election, not brought by Mueller's team.
Full Replay: President Trump Hosts Rally In Elko, Nevada
President Trump held a campaign rally Saturday in Elko, Nev.
Michael Cohen's Friend Donny Deutsch: I Think He Knows About Collusion
Federal Prosecutors met with President Trump’s former lawyer again, adding to the 50 hours he has already spent with them. The President is now accusing Cohen of lying under oath when he said Trump directed him to pay Stormy Daniels. A friend of Michael Cohen (and MSNBC regular) Donny Deutsch,...
Full Replay: President Trump Holds 'MAGA' Rally In Missoula, Montana
Trump hosts a campaign rally in Missoula, Montana on behalf of GOP Matt Rosendale's bid to unseat Dem Senator Jon Tester.
'Morning Joe' Panel: How Democrats Can Push Back On 'Mobs' Talk; GOP Really Could Hold House And Senate
While at a rally in Montana on Thursday evening, President Trump offered up his opinion that 'Democrats produce mobs, Republicans produce jobs.' Just weeks ahead of the midterms, what is the Democrats' message to counter Trump?
Frank Luntz and VICE News Focus Group Featuring Debate Between Beto O'Rourke And Cruz Supporters
HBO's VICE News and pollster Frank Luntz host a focus group of 16 Texas voters, eight supporters of Republican Sen. Ted Cruz and eight supporters of Democratic challenger Beto O'Rourke, to see where voters stand in the hotly contested race. O'Rourke and Cruz faced off Tuesday night in a televised...
Ron Paul: The Corporatist War On Free Speech; Are We A Nation Of Sheep?
RON PAUL LIBERTY REPORT: The attacks on free speech are not coming from uniformed government officials shutting down newspapers. But that doesn't mean they are not coming from the government. How are "social media" companies and government working together to turn us into a nation of sheep?
First Lady Melania Trump Visits Newborn Victims Of Opioid Crisis At Philadelphia Hospital
First lady Melania Trump is touring an intensive care unit at a Philadelphia hospital to learn about the care being given to newborns suffering from opiate withdrawal.
Cruz Heckled, Confronted At Airport: "Thank You For Expressing Your First Amendment Rights"
Ted Cruz responded to a woman yelling and heckling at him on Tuesday at an airport by encouraging them to support due process and thanking them for expressing their First Amendment right. FLASHBACK: Cruz, Wife Chased Out Of D.C. Restaurant By Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters WOMAN: Do you believe in...
Man Confronted For Ripping Cruz Signs From Yards Freaks Out: "I Hate Ted Cruz!"
A man taking down Ted Cruz lawn signs in a neighborhood in Texas is confronted by a Cruz supporter distributing them who follows him while he destroys Cruz signs and goes nuts on him. He warned the vandal, dressed in a leather jacket, that his neighbor who had a Cruz sign on his yard is also a gun...
Laura Ingraham: Democrats Want To Replace American Voters With Newly Amnestied Citizens
Laura Ingraham said if Republicans choose to unite behind the president's immigration policy the way they did in the Kavanaugh fight, this will stoke voter enthusiasm even further ahead of an all too important midterm election for this country. "Of this my friends you can be sure, your views on...
Garry Kasparov: It Looks Like Trump Envies Authoritarian Leaders Around The World
President Trump suggested Monday that rogue killers could be responsible for the disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Ben Rhodes, Bret Stephens and Garry Kasparov join Morning Joe to discuss the president's foreign policy. "Somehow I feel that he envies these... totalitarian...
Tucker Carlson: Dems Remind Country The Election Isn't About Trump, But Due Process & Kavanaugh
FOX News' Tucker Carlson delivered a monologue on President Trump and what the midterms are actually about on the Tuesday edition of his show. Carlson said from unhinged candidates to violent mobs and brazen hypocrisy, it appears lunacy has invaded the Democratic Party. Transcript, via FOX...
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