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Tuesday, October 21
Obamacare on the Ballot - Las Vegas Review-Journal
Messing With Voting Rights in Texas - Baltimore Sun
Ebola Czar Lacks Medical Authority - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Is CDC Hiding Enterovirus Link to Illegal Alien Kids? - IBD
Monday, October 20
Obamacare's Failing Cost Control - Wall Street Journal
Immigration Reform Good for Florida - Tampa Bay Times
Detroit's Lesson for the CDC and Big Government - Washington Examiner
The Dilemma in Endorsing Durbin for U.S. Senate - Chicago Tribune
Sunday, October 19
President Lameduck's Attorney General - Washington Examiner
Oil Is Down. Gas Taxes Should Go Up - Bloomberg
Cap and Trade's Perpetual Campaign - Orange County Register
In U.S., an Ebola Crisis of Confidence - Los Angeles Times
Saturday, October 18
Obama Sends Political Operative to Fight Health Crisis - IBD
A Health-Care Plan Worse Than Obamacare - Washington Post
Obamacare Impedes Upward Mobility - The Oklahoman
HBO Now Poised to Blaze a Trail Online - Los Angeles Times
Friday, October 17
Keeping Ebola at Bay - New York Times
Restrict Travel to Curb Ebola - National Review
Pentagon and the Threat of Climate Change - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
There's No Sugar-Coating Obama's Economy - Washington Examiner
Thursday, October 16
Paging Dr. Obama - New York Daily News
The Ebola Twilight of Public Institutions - Wall Street Journal
Florida Governor's Debate Hits the Fan - Tampa Bay Times
The Supreme Court Acts for Texas Women - New York Times
Wednesday, October 15
The Obama Deniers - Wall Street Journal
Keeping an Even Keel at Home on Ebola - Washington Post
The Worsening Ebola Crisis - New York Times
Will Obama Only Fight Carbon-Neutral Wars? - Investor's Business Daily
Tuesday, October 14
Unprepared Against Ebola? - Baltimore Sun
Data Don't Support Obama's Claim We're "Better Off" - The Oklahoman
Reducing Inequality Is Right and Necessary - The Guardian
Rock-Star Capitalism - New York Post
Monday, October 13
"The Dog Ate My Emails" - Orange County Register
The Big Lie Behind Voter ID Laws - New York Times
Intolerance 101 - New York Post
Give Hong Kong Voters More Choice - Bloomberg
Sunday, October 12
End the U.S. Embargo on Cuba - New York Times
Ebola Victim Didn't Die in Vain - Dallas Morning News
Bruce Rauner Right Choice for Governor - Chicago Tribune
Orman Would Bring Needed Change to U.S. Senate - Kansas City Star
Saturday, October 11
Obama's Gitmo Gambit - Wall Street Journal
How the World Let Ebola Epidemic Spiral Out of Control - The Nation
A Recognition of Children - Boston Herald
Cory Gardner for U.S. Senate - Denver Post

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