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Friday, November 28
Miracle at the IRS - New York Post
Fracking Moves Forward - Baltimore Sun
As Obama Rewrites Law, Congress & Courts Begin to Push Back - WSJ
Bill Cosby: Too Many Allegations to Ignore - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Thursday, November 27
Thankful for What Matters - Washington Post
"Team of Rivals"? More Like Team of Yes Men - U-T San Diego
Boehner's Shameful Lawsuit Against Obamacare - Los Angeles Times
Grateful for the First Amendment - Washington Examiner
Wednesday, November 26
Hagel Paid for President Obama's Confusion - Bloomberg
Schumer's Obamacare Mea Culpa - Wall Street Journal
The Meaning of the Ferguson Riots - New York Times
The Crime Is the Work of Race Hustlers - Washington Times
Tuesday, November 25
Ferguson Decision Deserves Deference - USA Today
Hagel Under the Bus - New York Post
A Problem Beyond Mr. Hagel - New York Times
Barack Obama Has Emboldened America's Enemies - The Telegraph
Monday, November 24
More Redistribution, Less Income - Wall Street Journal
Cool the Rhetoric on Health Law's IPAB Board - Boston Globe
The Snows of Global Warming - Washington Times
Mexico's Missing Students - Chicago Tribune
Sunday, November 23
At Long Last, Action on Immigration - Miami Herald
On Immigration, a Failure of Leadership - San Diego Union-Tribune
The Piecemeal Assault on Healthcare - New York Times
Obamacare Enrollment Numbers Have Been Bogus - IBD
Saturday, November 22
Mr. Obama's Wise Immigration Plan - New York Times
A Triumph of Cynicism - Washington Examiner
The Leader the CBO Needs - Washington Post
Keystone Stalled by "Party of No" - Las Vegas Review-Journal
Friday, November 21
I, Barack - Wall Street Journal
On Immigration, Obama Offers Relief - Los Angeles Times
The Case for the Keystone Pipeline Wanes - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Fanning Ferguson's Flames - New York Post
Thursday, November 20
White House Is Trying to Exert Leverage It Doesn't Have - DC Examiner
At Long Last, Immigration Action - New York Times
Two Weeks After, Dems Are Still in Deep Denial - Washington Times
President Obama's Flawed ISIS Strategy - Washington Post
Wednesday, November 19
Unjustifiable Horror in Jerusalem - Jerusalem Post
A Good Step on Global Warming - San Antonio Express-News
Mary Landrieu's Pipe(line) Dream - New York Post
Congress Must Act on War Authority - New York Times
Tuesday, November 18
Build Keystone Pipeline Already - USA Today
Don't Go It Alone on Immigration, Mr. President - Washington Post
A Crucial Vote on the Surveillance Bill - New York Times
Gruber Caught on Video - Again - New York Post

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