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Wednesday, May 27
President Obama's Remedial Legal Education - Wall Street Journal
Florida Needs Action on Climate Change - Tampa Bay Times
Let's See Clinton's Server - Washington Times
ASU Forking Over $500,000 to Clinton Was Foolish - Arizona Republic
Tuesday, May 26
Rise of the Regional Hegemons - Wall Street Journal
Don't Send U.S. Troops Back to Iraq's Killing Fields - Miami Herald
Jobs, Economic Data Still Troubling - Orange County Register
Bob Gates's Warning to the Boy Scouts - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Monday, May 25
The Dead We Honor - New York Post
Victory for Same-Sex Marriage in Ireland - New York Times
DC Culture Gasps as Rubio Tries to Buy a Fridge - Investor's Business Daily
Senate's Trade Vote Was a Victory for Truth - Washington Post
Sunday, May 24
System Worked in Brelo Verdict, But More Must Be Done - Plain Dealer
The Farcical Failure of Obama's Anti-ISIS Strategy - New York Post
Hillary Clinton Inevitable? Really? - Miami Herald
Early Polls Shouldn't Decide Who Debates - New Hampshire Union Leader
Saturday, May 23
Admit Iraq War Was a Disastrous Mistake - USA Today
The Notorious R.B.G. - National Review
Banks as Felons, or Criminality Lite - New York Times
Clinton Event the Antithesis of What NH is About - Nashua Telegraph
Friday, May 22
Blumenthal's Hidden Hand in Clinton's State Department - DC Examiner
Climate Change: Keep It in the Ground - The Guardian
Crying Wolf to the Coast Guard - Washington Times
In Search of an Obamacare Breakout - Wall Street Journal
Thursday, May 21
The Caliphate Strikes Back - The Economist
A $15 Minimum Wage Bombshell in LA - New York Times
Poverty & Crime: Obama Ignores the Culprit - NH Union Leader
No to NSA Snooping - Miami Herald
Wednesday, May 20
Who Is Sid Blumenthal? - Wall Street Journal
How Immigrants Have Changed the Democratic Party - The Nation
D.C. Gun-Banners Foiled Again - Washington Examiner
Ramadi's Fall, Obama's Strategy, Iraq's Future - Bloomberg
Tuesday, May 19
Fall of Ramadi Exposes Obama's Weak ISIS Strategy - Washington Post
In Egypt, Deplorable Death Sentences - New York Times
Hillary's Revolving Door - Washington Examiner
David Cameron's Next Crisis - Bloomberg
Monday, May 18
Where Stephanopoulos Went Wrong - Washington Examiner
Rick Scott Pours Gasoline on the Fire - Tampa Bay Times
While Labour Implodes the Tories Can Move On - Daily Telegraph
The Miracle the Middle Class Is Waiting For - Bloomberg
Sunday, May 17
Why California's Anti-Poverty Agenda Will Fail - San Diego Union-Tribune
Housing Apartheid, American Style - New York Times
Driving Into the Future - Washington Post
Russ Feingold Is Back - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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