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Saturday, April 25
Appearance of Propriety Continues to Elude Clinton - DC Examiner
Republicans Engaging in Smog & Mirrors on Climate - Washington Post
Leo DiCaprio's Carbon Addiction - New York Post
Call It a Genocide, Mr. President - Bloomberg
Friday, April 24
Candidate Clinton and the Foundation - New York Times
Quid Pro Clinton - Wall Street Journal
After a Ridiculous Delay, Lynch Gets Confirmed - Washington Post
Why Police Shootings Matter for Everyone - Washington Examiner
Thursday, April 23
Wisconsin Goes to the Supremes - Wall Street Journal
What's Next on California's Water Rates? - Los Angeles Times
WH's Climate Change Hypocrisy Highlights Lack of Faith - DC Examiner
Greece Approaches Default - Washington Post
Wednesday, April 22
Obama Has Forfeited People's Trust on Iran Deal - New York Daily News
Welcome to the Everglades, President Obama - Miami Herald
Social Insecurity: Hillary vs. Everyone - NH Union Leader
Severed Trust in Baltimore - Washington Post
Tuesday, April 21
Clinton's Terrible First Week Is a Bad Omen for Dems - IBD
Give Lynch the Job - Miami Herald
Christie Touches the Third Rail - Boston Herald
EU Must Take Responsibility for Migrant Ship Crisis - Boston Globe
Monday, April 20
Showdown on the Trade Pact - Washington Post
Whatever the Ayatollah Wants - Wall Street Journal
Hillary Clinton's Strong Start - New York Daily News
The Gathering Storm: An IRS Defeat - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Sunday, April 19
Congress Asserts Itself on Iran - Boston Herald
Voting Rights By the Numbers - New York Times
Justices Must Clarify Who Defines Marriage - Detroit News
20 Years Later: A Minute That Changed Our World - The Oklahoman
Saturday, April 18
U.S. Owes Allies Clear Path Forward on Trade Talks - Boston Globe
Media Shoot First, Correct Later on NRA - Las Vegas Review-Journal
Guns and the "Permanent Darkness" - Baltimore Sun
Vladimir Putin's Missile Ploy - Boston Herald
Friday, April 17
Foreign Money Will Fuel a Shameless Clinton's Career - DC Examiner
Cuba Off Terror List: Goodbye to a Cold War Relic - Los Angeles Times
Are Medicare Improvements on the Horizon? - Washington Post
Fort Hood Justice - New York Post
Thursday, April 16
How Lois Lerner Got a Pass - Wall Street Journal
Putin's Dangerous Moves - New York Times
The Hillary Show - New York Post
Don't Let Hernandez's Fame Overshadow Lloyd's Life - Boston Globe
Wednesday, April 15
The Senate Speaks Up on Iran - New York Post
A Reckless Act in the Senate on Iran - New York Times
Taking Cuba Off Terror List a Bow to Reality - Miami Herald
The Thrill of a Wide-Open Race for President - Chicago Tribune

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