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Saturday, December 20
Americans Side With the CIA - New York Post
Sony Hacking: Free Expression Under Threat - The Guardian
The First Casualty in a Serious, New Kind of War - Chicago Tribune
President Obama's Betrayal of the Cuban People - Washington Post
Friday, December 19
Sony and Mr. Kim's Thugs - New York Times
Drop "The Interview" on Pyongyang - Wall Street Journal
Good Riddance, 113th Congress - Baltimore Sun
Most Americans OK With Interrogation Practices - The Oklahoman
Thursday, December 18
A Roll of the Dice on Cuba - Miami Herald
Obama Gives Castro Regime an Undeserved Bailout - Washington Post
Terrorists 1, Hollywood 0 - New York Daily News
N. Korea Shouldn't Get Last Word on "The Interview' - SF Chronicle
Wednesday, December 17
Bush Takes a Dip: First Flavor of the Week - New Hampshire Union Leader
Gruber Is a Good Economist But Bad With PR - Boston Globe
Looking for Christmas in the Old World - Washington Times
The Taliban's Massacre of Innocents in Pakistan - New York Times
Tuesday, December 16
Vladimir Putin's Ruble Rout - Wall Street Journal
Credit for the Cromnibus - Washington Post
Unqualified Nominees Get Their Jobs - Washington Examiner
The Strangely Muted Response to Sony's Hack - Los Angeles Times
Monday, December 15
A Post-Obamacare Strategy - Wall Street Journal
Virginia Illogically Denies Medicaid Expansion - Washington Post
Confirmed: Torture Is Still Wrong - Bloomberg
Terrorists Must Face Tough Questioning - Daily Telegraph
Sunday, December 14
Terrorism, Torture & the CIA - Dallas Morning News
After Rolling Stone Story, What's Next for UVA? - Washington Post
Coburn Leaves Colleagues With Food for Thought - The Oklahoman
2 Years After Newtown, Small Steps Toward Healing - Hartford Courant
Saturday, December 13
Senate, Pass the Spending Bill - Boston Globe
Feeling Our Obamacare Pain - New York Post
Another Baseless Attack on Health Law - New York Times
Unfree Speech on Campus - Wall Street Journal
Friday, December 12
IRS Scandal Faces Scrutiny with Republican Congress - Washington Times
Torture Report: Our Post-9/11 Shame - Los Angeles Times
CIA Chief Does Some Truth-Telling - New York Daily News
Terrorist Ransoms Are Still a Mistake - Bloomberg
Thursday, December 11
CIA's Tactics Must Never Be Repeated - Boston Globe
Torturing the Truth - National Review
Congress's Messy Mega-Bill - Washington Post
A Tale of Two Rapes - New York Post
Wednesday, December 10
Spooks of the Senate - Wall Street Journal
A Portrait of Depravity & Lawlessness at the CIA - New York Times
Gruber Told Truth - and Then He Was Sworn In - Washington Examiner
Sometimes They Must Shoot - New York Daily News

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