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Friday, October 31
The Prospect of a Republican Senate - New York Times
Mark Warner's Halloween Mask of Moderation - Washington Times
Despite Errors, Ebola Fails to Spread Here - USA Today
Obama's Incoherence on Ebola Quarantines - Richmond Times-Dispatch
Thursday, October 30
With a Friend Like Obama..... - New York Daily News
Stop the Ebola Panic - Miami Herald
Obama's Ineptitude Stokes Ebola Fears - Investor's Business Daily
Can Voters Look Forward to a Congress That Governs? - Washington Post
Wednesday, October 29
Ebola Politics and Health Practices - Chicago Tribune
The Senate Referendum - Wall Street Journal
Republicans Stoke False Border Fears - Washington Post
Ex-CBS Reporter Blows the Whistle on Bias - Investor's Business Daily
Tuesday, October 28
White House Incoherence & Incompetence on Ebola - NY Daily News
The Dangers of Ebola Quarantines - New York Times
Obama's Postponed November Surprises - Washington Times
There's No Easy Way to Put a Lid on Health Costs - Los Angeles Times
Monday, October 27
Ebola: The States Step Up - New York Sun
Braley Is Better Choice in Iowa Race - Des Moines Register
Charlie Baker for Governor in Massachusetts - Boston Globe
For Dems, President Obama Is the October Surprise - Washington Times
Sunday, October 26
Obama's Half-Hearted Fight Against ISIS - Washington Post
The Shifting Politics of Cuba Policy - New York Times
Cuba Hasn't Earned Embargo's End - Miami Herald
Close Call, But Snyder Best Choice for Michigan - Detroit Free-Press
Saturday, October 25
Inconvenient Facts in Ferguson - New York Post
Why Republican Control of Senate Would Be a Disaster - The Nation
Dems Get Desperate in Attacks on Scott Walker - Washington Examiner
The World's Biggest Economic Problem - The Economist
Friday, October 24
Ebola Hits New York City - New York Post
States Lead the Way on Minimum Wage - USA Today
Mass Obamacare Cancellations, Part 2 - U-T San Diego
Make Islamic State Go Broke - Bloomberg
Thursday, October 23
Ottawa: Strong and Free - Ottawa Citizen
An Affair to Remember - Wall Street Journal
The Appeal of ISIS - Washington Post
"Calibration Error" in Illinois Raises Questions - Investor's Business Daily
Wednesday, October 22
The Democratic Panic - New York Times
Scott Brown for Senate in NH - Boston Herald
How Ben Bradlee Transformed the Washington Post - Washington Post
When "Tolerance" Becomes Illiberal - Orange County Register
Tuesday, October 21
Obamacare on the Ballot - Las Vegas Review-Journal
Messing With Voting Rights in Texas - Baltimore Sun
Ebola Czar Lacks Medical Authority - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Is CDC Hiding Enterovirus Link to Illegal Alien Kids? - IBD

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