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Monday, March 2
Nemtsov's Murder Defines Putin's Russia - Bloomberg
Squandering a Republican Majority - Wall Street Journal
Congress Should Hear Out Netanyahu - Los Angeles Times
Hillary Clinton 5.0 - New York Post
Sunday, March 1
Going Nuclear Over Iran - Washington Post
Welcome to the ObamaNet - New York Post
The Phony Legal Attack on Obamacare - New York Times
Clinton Foundation May Cost Hillary - Orange County Register
Saturday, February 28
The Murder of Boris Nemtsov - Wall Street Journal
Netanyahu Hurts Israel by Wading Into U.S. Politics - Boston Globe
Undermining Children's Insurance - New York Times
Obama's Keystone Veto Message Difficult to Believe - The Oklahoman
Friday, February 27
Chicago's Fight for the Soul of the Democratic Party - Bloomberg
Welcome to the Obamanet - Wall Street Journal
Wisconsin, Workers and the 2016 Election - New York Times
Jonathan Gruber Had to Go - Boston Herald
Thursday, February 26
Obama vs. Savers - Wall Street Journal
Holding Homeland Security Hostage - New York Times
On Immigration Policy, GOP Out of Touch - Washington Post
Hillary Keeps Up Dems' Middle-Class Deception - Washington Examiner
Wednesday, February 25
The Villain of the Shutdown - Washington Times
Say Goodbye to Eric Holder, Republicans - Bloomberg
The Sharpton Shakedown Blues - New York Post
Really? The VA Secretary Lies About His Military Service - LA Times
Tuesday, February 24
Republicans Govern Without Logic - Washington Post
An Obamacare Tell - Washington Examiner
A Pipeline to Jobs - Orange County Register
Conspiracy Claims in Venezuela - New York Times
Monday, February 23
Understanding ISIS and Its End-of-Days Vision - Chicago Tribune
The Government Shutdown Du Jour - Los Angeles Times
Scott Walker's School Days - Wall Street Journal
Clinton Foundation Should Return Foreign Gifts - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Sunday, February 22
Obamacare Math: Even the IRS Can't Do It - NH Union Leader
Superbug: Let's Get Serious About Bacteria - Sacramento Bee
Courting the Castros - Washington Post
Obama the Millennial - New York Post
Saturday, February 21
Scenes From Obamacare Tax Season - Wall Street Journal
Scott Walker's Spineless Silence - Washington Post
Much Ado About Rudy - New York Post
Clinton Should Ban Foreign Donors to Clinton Foundation - NY Times
Friday, February 20
The Hate Whose Name They Dare Not Speak - National Review
Rudy Giuliani's Disgusting Attack on Obama - New York Daily News
Wal-Mart's Raise: Others Should Follow Suit - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Desperate Dems Seek Obamacare Extensions - Las Vegas Review-Journal

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