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Sunday, January 25
Obama's Ugly Tantrum Endangers Israel - NY Daily News
Shifting Realities in Syria - New York Times
Multicultural & Aggrieved - The Economist
The College Bubble - New York Post
Saturday, January 24
Where Is Today's Winston Churchill? - Daily Mail
Playing Politics on Iran - New York Times
Now Obama's After Middle-Class Savers - Wall Street Journal
New Challenges With New Leadership in Saudi Arabia - Washington Post
Friday, January 23
Obama's 'Partner' Strategy Crumbling in Yemen - Washington Post
GOP Delivers Rude Surprise to Pro-Lifers - Washington Examiner
Speaker Sheldon Silver Should Resign - New York Times
Deflategate? NFL's Integrity Was Already in Doubt - Boston Globe
Thursday, January 22
Tax Hikes Won't Improve the State of Our Union - Detroit News
To Obama, Family Leave Is a Family Value - Los Angeles Times
Yemen on the Brink of Collapse - Chicago Tribune
Now the Patriots Are Playing for an Asterisk - Arizona Republic
Wednesday, January 21
The Gaslight Presidency - Wall Street Journal
A President Outgunned in Congress Is Still Combative - New York Times
The Real Obama Economy - Investor's Business Daily
Eric Holder's Crackdown on Leaks Chills Free Speech - Boston Globe
Tuesday, January 20
For Obama and Tax Hikes, 7th Time Isn't a Charm - Washington Examiner
State of the Union Will Rightly Put Focus on Middle Class - Denver Post
Keystone Debate Detracts From Real Issue - Des Moines Register
Michael Moore's Sniping - New York Post
Monday, January 19
Tone-Deaf in Paris - Boston Herald
What Americans Should Do After Charlie Hebdo - The Nation
We Don't Need to Pay More Gas Taxes - Orange County Register
Why Martin Luther King Couldn't Wait - New York Daily News
Sunday, January 18
Islamists Without Borders - New York Post
Perpetuating the Guantanamo Tragedy - New York Times
Obama's Misguided Logic on Iran - Washington Post
More GOP Control in State Legislatures. Now What? - The Oklahoman
Saturday, January 17
The Supreme Court and Gay Marriage - New York Times
Is 2014 The Hottest Year Ever? Satellites Say No - Investor's Business Daily
Kerry Gives New Meaning to the Term "Tone Deaf" - New York Daily News
Don't Forget About Boko Haram - Boston Globe
Friday, January 16
A Terror Plot Apparently Foiled in Belgium - The Economist
Defending France and Free Speech - Bloomberg
Obama's 'Free' Community College Plan - Las Vegas Review-Journal
Oscar Is All White. That's Lamentable - Los Angeles Times
Thursday, January 15
Abolish the Gas Tax - Wall Street Journal
Reducing Methane Is a Wise Short-Term Win - Los Angeles Times
Expanding Community College Access - New York Times
Despite Deal, Cuba Still Cracking Down on Dissidents - OC Register

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