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Wednesday, April 16
Coalition of the Disappointed - Wall Street Journal
How to Reset the Climate Change Debate - Bloomberg
Intolerance at Brandeis Silences a Muslim Dissident - Washington Times
Mr. Putin's Power Play - New York Times
Tuesday, April 15
The Misery of April 15 - Washington Times
Urgent Need to Address Climate Change - Tampa Bay Times
Another IPCC Warning: More Sci-Fi - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Year Since Bombings Proved Boston Was Always Strong - Boston Globe
Monday, April 14
Putin's Power Play - Daily Telegraph
Escalation in Ukraine - Washington Post
Elijah Cummings: Enabling an IRS Witch-Hunt - New York Post
Beyond the Heartbleed Threat - Los Angeles Times
Sunday, April 13
Eric Holder's Values - Boston Herald
Will Billionaire Steyer's Big Bet Pay Off for Democrats? - The Economist
Global Web Governance Threatens Free Speech - Detroit News
Why Illinois Politicians Are So Eager to Raise Taxes - Chicago Tribune
Saturday, April 12
Kathleen Sebelius's Legacy, and Obamacare's - Bloomberg
Sebelius's Replacement Deserves a Full-Scale Vetting - Wall St. Journal
Paul Ryan's Budget Will Backfire on Republicans - Baltimore Sun
Stoking Racial Tensions to Cover for Failed Policies - Washington Times
Friday, April 11
Lois Lerner Will Be Heading to Prison - National Review
How the Supreme Court Blowtorched Democracy - The Nation
Premium Spike: Obamacare Costs NH - New Hampshire Union Leader
Congress, Extend Unemployment Benefits, Again - Los Angeles Times
Thursday, April 10
IRS at the Crossroads - Wall Street Journal
The Truth About the Pay Gap - New York Times
Obamacare's True Numbers Reveal Failure - Las Vegas Review-Journal
Four Presidents Mark an Equal-Rights Milestone - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Wednesday, April 9
Lois Lerner's Bad Week - New York Post
Time to Expose the CIA's "Dark Side" - Los Angeles Times
Enhanced Interrogation Worked - Investor's Business Daily
In India, a Pivot to Hindu Nationalism? - Christian Science Monitor
Tuesday, April 8
A Familiar Script in Ukraine - New York Times
The Equal Pay Ruse: Deceptive Stats - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Time to Expose the CIA's "Dark Side" - Los Angeles Times
Labor Stacks Deck But Workers Keep Leaving Unions - DC Examiner
Monday, April 7
Tolerance and Diversity for Me, But Not for Thee - Washington Times
Work to Limit Climate Change Must Begin Now - Washington Post
Second Climate Thoughts - Wall Street Journal
Unionize NCAA Players? No - USA Today
Sunday, April 6
Supreme Court Deals a Blow to Free Speech - Las Vegas Sun
Tolerance & Diversity for Me But Not for Thee - Washington Times
Affordable Care Act Reaches Important Milestone - Miami Herald
Obama's Empty Boasts About Healthcare - New York Daily News

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