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Thursday, July 31
Beware a Wounded Putin - Washington Post
Obama's Friendly Fire - New York Post
NFL Goes Way Too Easy on Rice - Boston Globe
How Long Can Obama's IRS Cover Up Last? - San Diego Union-Tribune
Wednesday, July 30
Cease-Fire Should Empower Moderate Palestinians - Washington Post
The IRS's Foreign Policy - Wall Street Journal
Stronger Sanctions on Russia, at Last - New York Times
Risking Everything to Help Ebola Victims - Boston Globe
Tuesday, July 29
Obamacare's Own Words Should Be Its Undoing - Las Vegas Review-Jrnl
Ryan's Plan Would Hurt Vulnerable Americans - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
The Two Faces of Mark Warner - Washington Times
Redskins Name Gets Even Harder to Defend - Washington Post
Monday, July 28
Obamacare's Insider Testimony - Wall Street Journal
Stopping Putin: The Time Has Come for Europe to Act - Der Spiegel
Russia, MH17 and Ukraine: A Web of Lies - The Economist
A Tip for the United Nations - Jerusalem Post
Sunday, July 27
Israel's Right to Self Defense Not Negotiable - Miami Herald
John Podesta's Shady Patron - Washington Examiner
It's High Time to Legalize Pot - New York Times
Michael Moore's Class Act - New York Post
Saturday, July 26
President Obama's Border Summit Theater - Bloomberg
Paul Ryan's Anti-Poverty Plan - National Review
Executions Should Not Be Run by Trial and Error - Los Angeles Times
The Cuomo-Christie Difference - New York Post
Friday, July 25
Hamas's Depraved Strategy - Washington Post
Sen. John Walsh Hits Rock Bottom - New York Daily News
Executions Should Not Be Run by Trial and Error - Los Angeles Times
Detroit's Water "Spigot Bigots" - Washington Times
Thursday, July 24
Fast-Tracking Obamacare to the Supreme Court - Wall Street Journal
Subsidy Rulings Highlight GOP Intransigence - Baltimore Sun
IRS Lawlessness: 20 Hard Drives, Six Unanswered Questions - IBD
Europe Sleeps as Putin Waits - Bloomberg
Wednesday, July 23
An Ominous Health Care Ruling - New York Times
Upholding ObamaCare--as Written - Wall Street Journal
Obamacare Will Have Another Date w/Supreme Court - Chicago Tribune
Israel's End Game - Jerusalem Post
Tuesday, July 22
Shame on Putin - Seattle Times
The Grave Price of Obama's 'Reset' - Washington Examiner
President Obama's Bold Order on Bias - New York Times
Obama Promise of Amnesty Drives Border Surge - Investor's Business Daily
Monday, July 21
America's Lost Oomph - The Economist
Young People's Changing Attitudes About Government - New York Post
Bergdahl's Complicated Story No Simpler in Texas - Dallas Morning News
Dodd-Frank's 4 Years of Doing Nothing to Fix Wall Street - Bloomberg

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