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Tuesday, September 30
A Shattered Sense of Security in the Secret Service - Washington Post
How to Game Obamacare - Wall Street Journal
Hong Kong a Tough Test for China's Leaders - The Economist
As Crises Flare in Iraq and Syria, Putin Presses - Chicago Tribune
Monday, September 29
How Eric Holder Failed the Economy - Bloomberg
The Tide of the Culture War Shifts - New York Times
The Big Money Democrats - Wall Street Journal
Education System Needs Transformation, Not "Reform" - The Nation
Sunday, September 28
A Group Shout on Climate Change - New York Times
Dems Whine But Are Outspending GOP - Washington Examiner
The Holder Legacy - Baltimore Sun
Eric Holder Will Not Be Missed - San Diego Union-Tribune
Saturday, September 27
No Justification for WH Manipulation of Pool Reports - DC Examiner
Holder's Honorable Legacy - Washington Post
Eric Holder's Rap Sheet - National Review
Derek Jeter: A Higher Power Hitter - New York Daily News
Friday, September 26
Mission Relaunched - The Economist
Congress Needs to Vote on Obama's War - Washington Post
Holder Leaves Mixed Legacy - New York Times
Eric Holder's Contempt - New York Post
Thursday, September 25
Tim Kaine is Right on War Powers - Richmond Times-Dispatch
Obama Embraces Democracy Promotion Once Again - Washington Post
Many Dangers Await in Middle East - Boston Globe
White House Helps Censor the News - Investor's Business Daily
Wednesday, September 24
Wrong Turn on Syria: No Convincing Plan - New York Times
Can Jack Lew Add? - Wall Street Journal
What About Those Other Greenhouse Gases? - Los Angeles Times
The People's March Against Common Sense - Washington Examiner
Tuesday, September 23
Mr. Obama's Hot Flash on Global Warming - Washington Times
Climate Change Rallies are a Call to Action - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Cry Us a River, Lois Lerner - Washington Examiner
American Jihadists' One-Way Ticket to Hell - New York Daily News
Monday, September 22
Republicans and the IRS - New York Post
Kansas's Failed "Experiment" - Washington Post
Why Wisconsin Won't Become Illinois - Washington Examiner
Just Another Climate Summit? - Bloomberg
Sunday, September 21
Obama's Malaise: Giving Up Hope on the Economy - New York Daily News
Containing Ebola: Better Late Than Never - Boston Globe
The Unlikeliest of Coalitions - New York Times
Vile Ad Bounces off McSally, Sticks to Gabby Giffords - Arizona Republic
Saturday, September 20
IRS--Abuse and Cover - Richmond Times-Dispatch
Virginia Republicans Reject Expanding Medicaid - Washington Post
Come Out of Hiding, Cory Booker - New York Post
The Rise and Rise of Xi Jinping: Xi Who Must Be Obeyed - The Economist

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