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Thursday, September 18
Scotland's Day of Decision - The Guardian
Tests for a Still Broken Iraq - New York Times
Why Militarize the Schools? - Washington Times
Hitting a Child Is Always Wrong - Chicago Sun-Times
Wednesday, September 17
DOJ Is Compromised in IRS Targeting Scandal - Orange County Register
The Slippery Slope Begins - New York Times
Attack ISIS? White House Needs Congress's Approval - Los Angeles Times
President Obama Breaks Yet Another Promise - Washington Examiner
Tuesday, September 16
Dealing With a Disgraceful Tax Code - Washington Times
Electoral Chaos in Wisconsin - New York Times
Another Obamacare Cancellation Wave Approaches - IBD
The Tragedy of Rotherham - Washington Post
Monday, September 15
Covering for the IRS - Wall Street Journal
Obama's ISIS Strategy Most Viable Option - Boston Globe
Free Speech Needs No Amending - Detroit News
If Great Britain Fractures, the Entire World Loses - Washington Post
Sunday, September 14
A Risky Bet on the Syrian Rebels - New York Times
Hillary Returns to Iowa - The Economist
Repeal and Replace More Than a Slogan - The Oklahoman
Justice System Failed in Ray Rice Case - New Jersey Star-Ledger
Saturday, September 13
The Sluggish Fight Against Ebola - New York Times
Judging Wisconsin Prosecutors - Wall Street Journal
The GOP's Birth Control Bait-and-Switch - Baltimore Sun
Self-Driving Cars Are Closer Than You Think - Chicago Tribune
Friday, September 12
Legal Authority for Fighting ISIS - New York Times
DOJ Working With Cummings to Protect IRS - Investor's Business Daily
Too Much Carbon, Too Little Time - Baltimore Sun
Political Grandstanding in Ray Rice Case - Washington Times
Thursday, September 11
The Attack on ISIS Expands to Syria - New York Times
Yes, a Stand-Down Order Was Given in Benghazi - Investor's Business Dly
Obama Fails to Lead on Immigration - Tampa Bay Times
The Duty to Remember - New York Daily News
Wednesday, September 10
Another Broken Promise on Immigration - New York Times
Harry Reid's Government Shutdown - Washington Examiner
Virginia's Half Steps on Health Coverage - Washington Post
Ray Rice Affair Has the NFL Looking Clueless - Cleveland Plain Dealer
Tuesday, September 9
Is There a Strategy Yet? - Boston Herald
Confronting the ISIS Threat - New York Times
America's Incredible Shrinking Labor Force - Washington Examiner
What Did the Ravens Know & When Did They Know It? - Baltimore Sun
Monday, September 8
President Obama's Immigration Cynicism - Wall Street Journal
Immigration Reform Calls for Leadership - Los Angeles Times
Midterm Stakes Are High in Michigan - Detroit News
Tesla Deal Requires Transparency, Accountability - LV Review-Journal

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