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Wednesday, July 29
Reid Is Out & Congress Is Surprisingly Productive - Washington Examiner
Wild Rhetoric Is Harming Republican Party's Image - SF Chronicle
Republicans Have a Win vs. Corporate Welfare--Don't Blow it - NRO
Terrifically Tainted Tom Brady - New York Daily News
Tuesday, July 28
Boy Scouts Usher in an Inclusive Era - Boston Globe
Get to the Bottom of Clinton's Emails - Detroit News
Flying High at LaGuardia - Newsday
GOP Shouldn't Give Away Win on Corporate Welfare - National Review
Monday, July 27
Team Clinton Gets Served - Boston Herald
Big Measures of Climate Change Were Bad Last Year - Washington Post
Dodd-Frank at 5--Helping Big Banks Get Bigger - Washington Examiner
Keeping Cars Safe From Hackers - Bloomberg
Sunday, July 26
Pension Doomsday Has Arrived - Chicago Tribune
Barely Hanging on in California - Orange County Register
How the Euro Turned Into a Trap - New York Times
Keep Remote Vehicle Hackers at Bay - Detroit News
Saturday, July 25
Obama Administration's Military Cutbacks Make Sense - New York Times
New Evidence That IRS Bias May Have Extended to Tax Audits - WSJ
Clinton Emails: Will A Criminal Probe Derail Her? - Investor's Business Daily
When Will the Shooting Stop? - Chattanooga Times Free Press
Friday, July 24
President Obama, Lois Lerner and the IRS Scandal - Boston Herald
The Anti-Immigrant Binge in Congress - New York Times
Justice for Kate Steinle - Investor's Business Daily
What's Going On With Mr. O'Malley's Money? - Washington Post
Thursday, July 23
The Wrong Way to Raise the Minimum Wage - Newsday
De Blasio Gets His App Kicked by Uber - New York Daily News
Trooper's Bad Decisions Set a Tragedy in Motion - Dallas Morning News
Why's Schumer Ducking Our Questions on Iran Deal? - New York Post
Wednesday, July 22
Netroots Nuts Spell "Net Loss" for Democrats - New York Post
The Campaign of Deception Against Planned Parenthood - NY Times
Bargaining Over Baby Parts--Part 2 - Washington Examiner
Kasish Makes a Good Addition to Presidential Race - Cincinnati Enquirer
Tuesday, July 21
Trump Should Pull Plug on Bloviating Side Show - Des Moines Register
A Silver Lining in Trump's Reprehensible Comments - Washington Post
President Obama's U.N. First Gambit - Wall Street Journal
Restoration of Ties With Cuba Just a Beginning - New York Times
Monday, July 20
President Obama's Troubling Fiscal Outlook - Washington Post
Trump and His Apologists - Wall Street Journal
Why Background Checks on Gun Buys Are Crucial - Tampa Bay Times
Planned Parenthood and Fetal Livers - National Review
Sunday, July 19
The Morning After the Iran Deal - New York Times
Even Bigger Obamacare Bill Coming - Las Vegas Review-Journal
Bill de Blasio's War on Uber - New York Daily News
What Abortion Really Is - New Hampshire Union Leader

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