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Saturday, August 23
What China Wants - The Economist
White House's Unlawful Bergdahl-Terrorist Swap - Washington Times
Redskins Is an Insulting Slur - Washington Post
Krugman's Kryptonite - New York Sun
Friday, August 22
Don't Pay Terrorist Ransoms - Bloomberg
Unemployed by Obamacare - Wall Street Journal
Gov. Scott Must Act on Climate Change - Tampa Bay Times
Haute Hillary Expects Royal Treatment - Las Vegas Review-Journal
Thursday, August 21
Staying the Course No Longer an Option, Mr. President - NY Daily News
Beheading of Foley Exposes True Nature of 'Islamic State' - Boston Globe
It'll Take More Than Words to Stop ISIS - Washington Post
Al Gore vs. Al-Jazeera - Washington Times
Wednesday, August 20
Go To Ferguson, Mr. President - Bloomberg
Time to Bomb ISIS - New York Post
A Flimsy Indictment Against Perry - USA Today
How to Protect Celebs From Paparazzi Drones - Los Angeles Times
Tuesday, August 19
It's Time for Responsible Leaders to Step Forward - St. Louis Post-Dispatch
With Great Firepower Comes Great Responsibility - Detroit Free-Press
Perry Indictment Product of Overzealous Prosecutor - New York Times
The President's Inverted Logic - Las Vegas Review-Journal
Monday, August 18
Federal Judge Tells IRS to Come Clean, Again - Washington Examiner
Democrat? Republican? There's an App for That - Washington Post
The Partisan Farce to Get Rick Perry - Bloomberg
In Illinois, "F" Isn't for "Friendly" - Chicago Tribune
Sunday, August 17
Ferguson Was a Racial Tinderbox Waiting to Explode - DC Examiner
President Obama Must Sell Voters on His Successes - Boston Globe
Why Is Kerry Talking About Climate Change? - Investor's Business Daily
Maliki and the Futility of Regime Change - New York Times
Saturday, August 16
Painfully Slow Ebola Response - New York Times
Steelworkers Taken For Ride by Reid, Pelosi - Las Vegas Review-Journal
The C.I.A.'s Shameful Secrets - Miami Herald
A Smart Move by Sea World - San Diego Union-Tribune
Friday, August 15
Lost-Document-Itis Plaguing Obama Administration - New York Post
Back to Iraq - The Economist
Ferguson Shows How Not to Police - Bloomberg
Rage in Ferguson, Mo. - Chicago Tribune
Thursday, August 14
Death Penalty Woes - Miami Herald
Keep Companies Home With Tax Reform - Detroit News
Al Sharpton Is Right: Our City Has Issues - St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Obama's NLRB Targets Small Franchise Owners - San Diego Union-Tribune
Wednesday, August 13
Thorough Investigation Needed in Ferguson - St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Campaign Cash and the Kochs - Las Vegas Review-Journal
Making the Case for High Speed Rail - New York Times
GAO Highlights Failures of Transparency - The Oklahoman

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