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Tuesday, March 31
The New Intolerance - Wall Street Journal
In Indiana, Using Religion as a Cover for Bigotry - New York Times
All the Lies Told About an Indiana Law - Washington Examiner
Let the Iran Talks Continue - Bloomberg
Monday, March 30
Clinton's Culture of Corruption May Doom Bid - Investor's Business Daily
Why Schumer's the Right Leader for Senate Dems - New York Daily News
Liberals Against Liberty in Indiana - National Review
Germanwings and the Limits of Security - Bloomberg
Sunday, March 29
Religious Freedom Law Unneeded & Destructive - Indianapolis Star
Iran Deal Not What Obama Promised - San Diego Union-Tribune
Thank You, Harry - Las Vegas Sun
Good Riddance to Reid - Boston Herald
Saturday, March 28
Good Riddance, Harry Reid - National Review
Schumer's the Right Leader for Senate Democrats - New York Daily News
GOP's Budget Gimmickry Won't Fix the Deficit - Los Angeles Times
Crony Clintonism - Wall Street Journal
Friday, March 27
President Obama's Disastrous Deals - New York Post
The Senate Should Confirm Loretta Lynch Now - Boston Globe
Hillary Plays Things Fast and Loose -- Again - Richmond Times-Dispatch
Reducing Risks After the Germanwings Crash - New York Times
Thursday, March 26
The Bergdahl Desertion - Wall Street Journal
War in Yemen: Saudis Enter the Fray - The Economist
Take Guns Away from Domestic Abusers - New Jersey Star-Ledger
SeaWorld Has More Credibility Than PETA - San Diego Union-Tribune
Wednesday, March 25
President Obama's Israel Tantrum - Wall Street Journal
Ted Cruz Is No Captain Courageous - Bloomberg
Hillary Clinton's Political Posse - Boston Herald
A Tragedy in the Alps - The Economist
Tuesday, March 24
Ted Cruz: Way Out in Right Field - Washington Post
Obamacare, at 5, Still a Problem Child - Orange County Register
GOP Budgets Substitute Illusion for Substance - USA Today
Did the Justice Department Lie to Judge Hanen? - National Review
Monday, March 23
Loretta Lynch's Obama Problem - Wall Street Journal
Obamacare's Potential Has Been Stymied by Politics - Los Angeles Times
The Health Law Hasn't Aged Well - Washington Examiner
Clean Air Act and Dirty Coal at the Supreme Court - New York Times
Sunday, March 22
Dems Need Warren's Voice in Primary - Boston Globe
Shaheen's Shame - New Hampshire Union Leader
Get Serious About California's Drought - SD Union-Tribune
A Football Player's Safe Exit - New York Times
Saturday, March 21
Netanyahu 1, Obama 0 - Boston Herald
Netanyahu's Flip-Flop Shouldn't Deter Peace Efforts - Boston Globe
Democrats Are the New Party of No - Washington Post
Greece Issue Breeds Brinkmanship in the Eurozone - New York Times

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