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Friday, December 19
President Obama Tries on Superman Costume - Gloria Borger, CNN
Obama Throws in the Towel on Cuba - Ed Rogers, Washington Post
Welcome Back, Cuba - Nicholas Kristof, New York Times
The Cuban Regime Is a Defeated Foe - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
Vladimir Putin's Bubble Bursts - Paul Krugman, New York Times
WH Hails Economy But Poll Finds Few Concur - Alexis Simendinger, RCP
A Model Senator - Andrew Ferguson, The Weekly Standard
Slashing IRS Budget Carries Heavy Price - Norm Ornstein, National Journal
An Exit Ramp From Obamacare - Ramesh Ponnuru, National Review
What McConnell Can Do to Improve Elections - Jason Grumet, RCP
North Korea Is Not Funny - Adrian Hong, The Atlantic
U.S. Bows Down to a Group of Anonymous Norks - Charles Cooke, NRO
The Unidentified Queen of Torture - Jane Mayer, The New Yorker
How to Fight the Lone Wolf - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
The Virtue of Amoral Foreign Policy - Robert Kaplan, Stratfor
Technical Advances Mean Every Day Is Christmas - Ross Pomeroy, RCP
The Assault on "Broken Windows" Policing - Bratton & Kelling, Wall St Jrnl
Thursday, December 18
Barack Obama's Cuba Surprise - Amy Davidson, The New Yorker
A Victory for Oppression - Senator Marco Rubio, Wall Street Journal
Will Cuba Policy Alter Florida's Political Map? - Parker & Martin, NY Times
The Sony Hackers Are Terrorists - David Auerbach, Slate
Sony: From Hack Victim to Gutless Coward - Tom Bevan, RealClearPolitics
Why Dems Need Elizabeth Warren - Harold Meyerson, Washington Post
Democrats: The New Stupid Party - Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal
President Obama's Winning Streak Continues - Al Hunt, Bloomberg
It's Official: Biggest GOP House Majority Since 1929 - N. Rothman, Hot Air
Russia Seen From Within - George Friedman, Stratfor
We're Still Picking Up Dick Cheney's Pieces - Jeffrey Simpson, Globe & Mail
Drone Strikes More Defensible Than Torture? - Victor Davis Hanson, NRO
Taliban Reaches New Levels of Atrocity - HDS Greenway, Boston Globe
Christians Around World Under Seige - Steve Huntley, Chicago Sun-Times
The Obamas: Our Experiences w/Racism - Sandra Sobieraj Westfall, People
The New Media Model Is Perfect - Lynn Sweet, RCP Changing Lanes
The Absurdity (& Bright Side) of 2016 - Heather Wilhelm, RealClearPolitics
Obama Approval: GWU 43% | YouGov 44% | Ipsos 37% | RCP Avg 42%
Wednesday, December 17
Russia's Problems Are Everyone's Problems - Megan McArdle, Bloomberg
The Samantha Power Doctrine - Evan Osnos, The New Yorker
Bush's Killer Flaw--the Name, Not the Ideology - John Podhoretz, NY Post
Jeb Is Dismissing the Base at His Peril - Josh Kraushaar, National Journal
Welcome to Lawless Obama's America - Charles Hurt, Washington Times
Lie of the Year: Playing the Ebola Fear Card - Doyle McManus, LA Times
Did Cruz Really Bungle the Lame-Duck? - Byron York, DC Examiner
Obama Approach to Bush Torture Has Failed - Brian Beutler, New Republic
CIA Interrogations Followed the Law - Michael Mukasey, Wall Street Journal
The Top Five Legal Stories of 2015 - Jeffrey Toobin, The New Yorker
The Clintons Have a Bill Cosby Problem - Roger Stone, The Daily Caller
Why Do People Vote Against Their Interests? - James Carville, The Hill
This Israeli Election Matters - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Meet Bill Nye, the Anti-Science Guy - Robert Tracinski, The Federalist
About "Black-on-Black Crime" - Gary Younge, The Nation
A Harvard Dean's Strange Comment on Race - Stephan Thernstrom, MTC
What to Do When Your Info Has Been Hacked - Brandon Bailey, AP
Obama Job Approval: ABC/WP: 39% | NBC/WSJ: 45% | RCP Avg: 41.8%
Tuesday, December 16
Dick Cheney Shows How Low We Can Go - Michael Cohen, Boston Globe
I Am Not Sorry the CIA Waterboarded - Bret Stephens, Wall Street Journal
Get Ready for the Obama Boomlet - Peter Beinart, The Atlantic
Democrats' Southern Exposure - Noemie Emery, Washington Examiner
Hillary Clinton for Supreme Court Justice! - Mike McCurry, RCP
Gruber Should've Been Time's Person of the Year - Jonah Goldberg, LAT
Clash Over Spending Bill: A New Day for Liberals - Joan Walsh, Salon
The Context for the Cromnibus Showdown - Ben Domenech, The Federalist
Warren Won't Rule Out '16 as Draft Effort Gears Up - Scott Conroy, RCP
Russia's Economy Is Doomed - Matt O'Brien, Washington Post
The Reagan-Clinton Template for Success - Gramm & Solon, Wall St. Jrnl
False Ecstasy Over the Reagan Economy - Michael Kinsley, Vanity Fair
Full Connection Just a Decade Away - Michael McEnaney, RealClearPolitics
Hollywood's Precious Outrage Over Sony - Debra Saunders, SF Chronicle
Crippling the IRS - Catherine Rampell, Washington Post
Campuses Shut Down the Conversation - Jonathan Turley, USA Today
The CIA's "Torture Teacher" Hits Back - Toby Harnden, The Sunday Times
Dem '16 (FOX News): Clinton 62, Warren 12, Biden 10 | Clinton vs. GOP
Monday, December 15
The Democrats Double Down - Stephen Moore, Weekly Standard
Torture and the Truth - Jane Mayer, The New Yorker
Feinstein Offers Tears for Terrorists - Jed Babbin, The American Spectator
The Case for Justice Kennedy to Retire - Bill Scher, RealClearPolitics
Congress Can Pry Open Clammed-Up IRS - Charles Lipson, Wall St. Journal
Wall Street's Revenge - Paul Krugman, New York Times
Elizabeth Warren, Corporate-Welfare Queen - Kevin Williamson, NRO
Democrats Must Fight or Lose Young Voters - Juan Williams, The Hill
The Great Campus Rape Hoax - Glenn Reynolds, USA Today
Sony Hack and the Yellow Press - Aaron Sorkin, New York Times
Dads, Give Your Daughters the Gift of Football - D.C. McAllister, Federalist
A Threatening Intersection of Tech and Free Speech - Carl Cannon, RCP
Democrats' Depressing New Reality - Russell Berman, The Atlantic
Tim Kaine, Bridge Builder? - Fred Hiatt, Washington Post
How to Keep Proving Economic Pessimists Wrong - George Osborne, WSJ
Why U.S. Women Are Leaving Jobs Behind - Miller & Alderman, NY Times
The Cop-Killing Cult of Larry Davis - Michelle Malkin, New York Post
Panels: Fox News Sunday | Meet the Press | Face the Nation | This Week
Sunday, December 14
The Cheerfulness of Tax Reform - George Will, National Review
Dysfunction Is Washington's New Normal - Dan Balz, Washington Post
United We Distrust - Scott Rasmussen, Boston Herald
Elizabeth Warren Is Catching Fire - Katie Glueck, Politico
The Democrats Are in Worse Shape Than You Think - Jamelle Bouie, Slate
Against the Wave: 3 Winning House Dems - David Byler, RealClearPolitics
The Many Faces of Jeb - Frank Bruni, New York Times
The Architect of Obamacare Speaks - John McCormack, Weekly Standard
Edelman, Gruber & the Danger of Arrogance - Joan Vennochi, Boston Globe
Torture's About Us, Not Enemies - Senator Dianne Feinstein, SF Chronicle
Dianne Feinstein's Travesty - Rich Lowry, National Review
Why 2014 Is a Big Deal - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Sony Hack Reveals White Liberal Hypocrisy - Juan Williams, FOX News
Zuckerberg's Disgraceful Pandering to China - Amy Chang, SF Chronicle
When Reporters Value Justice Over Accuracy - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
A Bad Two Weeks for Journalism - Thomas Frank, Salon
They Made Me Write About Lena Dunham - P.J. O'Rourke, The Daily Beast
Saturday, December 13
Battles, Alliances: A Preview of New Congress? - Caitlin Huey-Burns, RCP
Is Racial Justice Possible in America? - David Troutt, The Nation
Finding Racism Where It Isn't - Holman Jenkins, Wall Street Journal
The Democrats Have Come Unhinged - Ed Rogers, Washington Post
Are We Writing Off President Obama Too Soon? - Andrew Kohut, Politico
Obamacare: A Brewing Fiscal Fiasco - Robert Moffit, The National Interest
Glenn Greenwald on Torture, CIA, and True Evil - Elias Isquith, Salon
A Tortured Report - Hayes & Joscelyn, Weekly Standard
The Feinstein Report Is Going to Cost Us - Andrew McCarthy, NRO
Prosecute the CIA Torturers - Kenneth Roth, Washington Post
Behind the Republican Statehouse Juggernaut - Allysia Finley, WSJ
White House Climate Push: "Doing Our Job" - Michael Grunwald, Politico
China Climate Accord: A Bad Deal for U.S. - Fred Singer, American Thinker
A Statistical Feast! - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
Women at Work: A Guide for Men - Joanne Lipman, Wall Street Journal
Lower Oil and King Dollar Are Unambiguously Good - Larry Kudlow, IBD
Obama Had the Worst Year in Washington - Chris Cillizza, Washington Post
Obama Job Approval: YouGov: 42% | Ipsos: 37% | RCP Average: 41.9%
Friday, December 12
CIA Report, Rolling Stone & False Dilemmas - Stephen Carter, Bloomberg
A Travesty of a Report - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
Cheney Was Lying About Torture - Mark Fallon, Politico
Tortured Tantrums: Feinstein's Fake Fury - William McGurn, New York Post
Pelosi and Reid Reveal Dems' 2015 Strategy - Brian Beutler, New Republic
K Street's Biggest Opponent - Kimberley Strassel, Wall Street Journal
Gruber's Pathetic Congressional Testimony - John Fund, National Review
It's 1963 Again - Dani McClain, The Nation
Police Weren't the Problem in Ferguson - Ronald Hosko, USA Today
Crippling Children by Selling Them Racism - Larry Elder, DC Examiner
Mad as Hellas - Paul Krugman, New York Times
The Unfinished Business of Fort Hood - Dorothy Rabinowitz, WSJ
Torture Is Who We Are - Peter Beinart, The Atlantic
A Torture Report for the Dustbin - John Yoo, New York Daily News
Orion, Risk Taking & Limits - Elliot Holokauahi Pulham, Space Foundation
Democrats Can Win the South Again - Michael Cooper, The New Republic
What 2014 Means for 2016 - Michael Barone, Washington Examiner
Thursday, December 11
Senate Democrats and 9/11 Amnesia - Louis Freeh, Wall Street Journal
It's Cruel. It's Useless. It's the CIA - Gail Collins, New York Times
An Utterly Disgraceful Move by Democrats - Ralph Peters, FOX News
Torture Goes Against Soul of Our Country - Sen. Dianne Feinstein, HuffPost
Gruber and the Obamacare Memory Hole - Byron York, DC Examiner
The Dangerous Obamacare Witch Hunt - Danny Vinik, The New Republic
Southern Democrat "Extinction" Was Not Inevitable - Sean Trende, RCP
Why I Am Ready for Hillary - Lanny Davis, The Hill
Why Does Hillary Want to Be President, Anyway? - Karl Rove, Wall St Jrnl
The Taming of Ted Cruz - Dana Milbank, Washington Post
Eric Garner, Criminalized to Death - George Will, National Review
What If Whites Were the Minority? - Nicholas Kristof, New York Times
Lena Dunham's Assault on Humanity - Heather Wilhelm, RealClearPolitics
Rolling Stone May Crush Anti-Rape Bill - Margaret Carlson, Bloomberg
WH Pushing for Computer Science in Schools - Lederman & Hefling, AP
Person of the Year: The Ebola Fighters - Nancy Gibbs, Time
Dec. 11, 1941: A Date Which Should Live in Infamy - Craig Shirley, RCP
FOX News: Obama Job Approval 42% | Health Care Law: Oppose 58-38
Wednesday, December 10
Exposing the CIA's Stain on America - Ruth Marcus, Washington Post
Partisan Report Fails America - Bob Kerrey, USA Today
DC Politicians Threw the CIA Under the Bus - Jose Rodriguez, FOX News
Here Come the Torture Apologists - Andrew Rosenthal, New York Times
Michael Hayden Fires Back - Michael Hirsh, Politico
Democrats Shouldn't Give Up on the South - Harry Enten, FiveThirtyEight
Dems Lost South Through Culture War & Elitism - Tim Carney, Examiner
Gruber Hearing a Zany Coda to Issa's Tenure - Dana Milbank, Wash Post
Collapsing Oil Price Destroying OPEC - Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Telegraph
Apple Pay & the Future of Contactless Payment - Michael McEnaney, RCP
Liberals' Relentless Obsession With Race - Deroy Murdock, National Review
Many Struggling to Breathe - Katrina vanden Heuvel, Washington Post
Harvard Law Students: Injustice Ate My Homework - Charles Cooke, NRO
America's Worst Gay Power Couple - James Kirchick, The Daily Beast
I Didn't Leave Feminism, It Left Me - Heather Wilhelm, The Federalist
There's No Right Way to Be a Rape Victim - Lena Dunham, BuzzFeed
Lena Dunham & the Left's Decay - Ed Rogers, Washington Post
Tuesday, December 9
The Gruberization of the Democratic Party - Ed Rogers, Washington Post
Another Way Obamacare Is Working as Planned - Dylan Scott, TPM
Still Cooking the Obamacare Books - Betsy McCaughey, New York Post
Racism's Uncomfortable Truth - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post
Is Law Optional? - Thomas Sowell, Investor's Business Daily
Reporting on Rape - Margaret Talbot, The New Yorker
The News Media, Rape and the Narrative - Glenn Reynolds, USA Today
How The New Republic Lost Its Place - Peter Beinart, The Atlantic
Why Obama Wanted to Appear on "Colbert" - Alexis Simendinger, RCP
GOP in Best Position Since the Great Depression - Aaron Blake, Wash Post
Landrieu's Loss & the End of Ticket Splitting - Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call
Pardon Bush and Those Who Tortured - Anthony Romero, New York Times
The Hypocrisy of Today's CIA Critics - Jose Rodriguez, Washington Post
Bringing a Drone to a Firefight - Robert VerBruggen, RealClearPolitics
The Next Plot by Climate Change Denialists - Clare Foran, National Journal
Green in Exchange for Green Sermons - Joseph Bottum, Weekly Standard
Appalling Behavior From Lena Dunham & Publisher - Eugene Volokh, WP

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