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Friday, October 9
Kevin McCarthy Falls to a Conservative Coup - Dana Milbank, Washington Post
The Real Benghazi Investigation - Kimberley Strassel, Wall Street Journal
The Republican Plague on Government - Barney Frank, Politico
Clinton's Leftward Tack Has Risks for November - Michael Barone, Washington Examiner
Hillary Clinton Will Be President - Lanny Davis, FOX News
Another Massacre, Another Charade - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
Gun Control Advocates Must Get Graphic - Brian Beutler, The New Republic
Blame the NRA: How's That Working for Dems? - S.E. Cupp, New York Daily News
My Plan to Prevent the Next Crash - Hillary Clinton, Bloomberg
How to Counter Putin in Syria - Condoleezza Rice & Robert Gates, Washington Post
Shows of Strength From Trump and Putin - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
A New Clue Suggests Biden May Run - Ryan Lizza, The New Yorker
Despite the Drama, Republicans Are Well-Positioned - John Hart, OpportunityLives
Chaos Is Republicans' New Normal - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post
Planned Parenthood Yelp Reviews That Will Horrify You - Mollie Hemingway, Federalist
Making Abortion Providers Look Like Monsters - Katha Pollitt, The Nation
Tracking Government Waste--There's an App for That - Tom Coburn, Wall St. Journal
Thursday, October 8
Hillary Clinton's Problem With Men - Josh Kraushaar, National Journal
What the Rise of Trump, Carson & Fiorina Tells Us - Nicholas Kristof, NYT
A Woman President? Who Cares? - Heather Wilhelm, RealClearPolitics
Joe Biden's Big Question - John Dickerson, Slate
Republicans On the Brink - Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal
Marco Rubio Gets His Vetting - Caitlin Huey-Burns, RealClearPolitics
Trump's Love Affair w/Taking Your Land - Andrew Kirell, The Daily Beast
Putin Trying to Teach the West a Lesson in Syria? - Ivan Krastev, NY Times
This Is What Escalation Looks Like - Michael Auslin, Wall Street Journal
The Global Economy Is In Serious Danger - Lawrence Summers, Wash Post
Congress Must Act Now to Rein In CFPB - Newt Gingrich, RealClearPolitics
Clinton Just Changed the Debate on Trade - George Zornick, The Nation
Hillary Shows How Dumb She Thinks We Are - Ben Domenech, Daily Beast
Curtain Pulled on Gowdy's Partisan Sham - Lanny Davis, RealClearPolitics
Our Goal Is Fact, Truth & Accountability - Rep. Trey Gowdy, USA Today
All Climate Change Is Local - Michael Bloomberg & John Kerry, Bloomberg
Impeach the IRS Director - George Will, Washington Post
Senate 2016 (Quinnipiac): Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida | NH, WI, NC
Wednesday, October 7
Making the Republican Case for Black Support - Jason Riley, Wall St. Jrnl
Carly Fiorina's Shameless Promotion - Frank Bruni, New York Times
The Democrats Could Be Coming Apart - Fred Siegel, City Journal
McCarthy's Mistake Is Exactly What Clinton Needs - Chris Cillizza, WP
Clinton's Hail Mary Try to Get Past Email Mess - John Podhoretz, NY Post
Calculated Killing of Christians in Roseburg? - Ed Stetzer, USA Today
The Myth of the Good Guy With the Gun - Matt Valentine, Politico
Yes, President Obama Wants to Take Your Guns - Katie Pavlich, The Hill
The Case Against Free College - Matt Bruenig, The New Republic
Why McCarthy Is Best Suited to Be Speaker - Rep. Mac Thornberry, RCP
Why the Roberts Court Is Scary - Donna Brazile, CNN
Charlatans and Sheep - Thomas Sowell, Investor's Business Daily
No, Illegal Immigrants Won't Elect Clinton - David Byler, RealClearPolitics
How Did Dems Become Favorites of the Rich? - Thomas Edsall, NY Times
The Republican Senate Worries - Charlie Cook, National Journal
Obama Offers 'Crazy List' as Silver Bullet - Charles Hurt, Washington Times
Don't Stop Kids From Playing Rough - Virginia Postrel, Bloomberg
Quinnipiac 2016 (FL, OH, PA): Primary & General Election Match-Ups
Tuesday, October 6
The New World Disorder - Philip Gourevitch, The New Yorker
President Mumbo-Jumbo - Bret Stephens, Wall Street Journal
Obama Right to be Cautious on Syria - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post
Are ISIS Terrorists Sneaking Into the West? - Ari Harow, LA Times
The Politics of Frustration - Paul Starr, American Prospect
The Democrats' Trump Moment - Noah Rothman, Commentary
Is Sanders More Electable Than He Looks? - Jamelle Bouie, Slate
Carly Cleans Up - Noemie Emery, Washington Examiner
Why Rubio Is Rising - Nate Cohn, New York Times
Trump Wrongs the Right - Lowry & Ponnuru, National Review
Jeb's Take on Dubya: Conservative Lite - Rebecca Berg, RealClearPolitics
The Conservative Evasion on Guns - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
Clinton's Gun Show Loophole Proposal Is a Joke - Sean Davis, Federalist
The Trans-Pacific Partnership Is a Disaster - Ian Fletcher, Huffington Post
Trade Pact a Good Deal for U.S. & Obama's Legacy - Ian Bremmer, Time
Can a Conniving, Self-Important CEO Save Twitter? - Will Oremus, Slate
Mark Zuckerberg's $100 Million Lesson - Piereson & Riley, Wall St. Journal
PPP (D): R: Trump 27, Carson 17, Rubio 13, Bush 10 | D: Clinton +18
Monday, October 5
Stakes Are High in Republican Leadership Fight - Juan Williams, The Hill
A National Conversation on Anti-Christian Bigotry? - David French, NRO
Republicans Have No Answer for Roseburg - William Saletan, Slate
Gun Control and Magical Thinking - Hugh Hewitt, Washington Examiner
Putin Continues to Rack Up the Wins - Ian Bremmer, Huffington Post
The Coming Defeat of NATO - Matthew Continetti, Washington Free Beacon
Why We Shouldn't Intervene in Syria - Andrew McCarthy, National Review
A Rising Tide of Crime in the District - Colbert King, Washington Post
How the Fed Saved the Economy - Ben Bernanke, Wall Street Journal
The Breakdown of the Black Family - Kay Hymowitz, The Atlantic
Enemies of the Sun - Paul Krugman, New York Times
Don't Cross Elizabeth Warren - Gordon Crovitz, Wall Street Journal
Bernie Sanders, the Populist Prophet - Margaret Talbot, The New Yorker
Ryan Lizza's Deceptive Edit of Jeb Bush - Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist
On SNL, Kid Gloves for Clinton - Errol Louis, CNN
Trump Exploits Rational Political Ignorance - Ilya Somin, USA Today
The "Wage Gap" Myth That Won't Die - Sarah Ketterer, Wall Street Journal
Sunday Show Panels: This Week | Fox News Sunday | Meet the Press
Sunday, October 4
Why Putin Plunged Into Syria - Steven Lee Meyers, New York Times
Vladimir S. Patton - Carl M. Cannon, Orange County Register
Syria Is Obama's Watergate - Michael Goodwin, New York Post
Guns, Campuses and Madness - Frank Bruni, New York Times
Time to Talk About Gun Free Zones - William Jacobson, USA Today
Why Obama Should Debate NRA President - Jonathan Alter, Daily Beast
Obama's Tedious Jawboning on Guns - Nolan Finley, Detroit News
Bush, Rubio and Kasich Eye One Another - Dan Balz, Washington Post
Could Illegal Immigrants Elect Hillary? - Goldman & Rozell, Politico
Trump's Policies: Recipe for US Economic Decline - Linda Chavez, NY Post
The Speaker, the Pope & the Exorcism - Maureen Dowd, New York Times
New McCarthyism Is Dead on Arrival - Kathleen Parker, Washington Post
Joaquin: Another Word for Climate Change - Michael Shank, Daily Beast
Corruption Fueling The Global Warming Hysteria - John Hinderaker, PL
Can White People Ever 'Talk Black'? - Christian Schneider, Milwaukee JS
A Conservative-Liberal Love Story - Jessica Contrera, Washington Post
What 'The Martian' Tells Us About Life on Earth - Rob Tracinski, Federalist
Saturday, October 3
Obama, Guns, and the Politics of Hopelessness - John Cassidy, New Yorker
OR Shooting Another Sign Our Culture Is Ill - John Kass, Chicago Tribune
Virtue Without Force in Syria Is Useless to All - Charles Moore, Telegraph
A New Misadventure for Putin? - David Ignatius, Washington Post
The Fraying of the National Political Consensus - Jay Cost, Weekly Std
The Return of the Middle American Radical - John Judis, National Journal
Rubio, Bush, Fiorina and Cruz Win the Week - Chris Stirewalt, FOX News
The Democratic Debate Shutdown - Brent Budowsky, The Hill
Hillary's Server Is the Smoking Gun! - Jonah Goldberg, National Review
Republicans Fret over McCarthy's Skills - Ed Rogers, Washington Post
Conservative Case for Criminal Justice Reform - Mike Lee, DC Examiner
The Pope's Confounding Consistency - Peter Manseau, New York Times
Blocking the Budget-Busters - Stephen Moore, Wall Street Journal
The Hypocrisy of 'Helping' the Poor - Paul Theroux, New York Times
Rather Shameful - John Hinderaker & Scott Johnson, Weekly Standard
The American Vigilantes Fighting ISIS - Jennifer Percy, NY Times Magazine
Human Quest to Find Our Place in the Universe - George Will, Wash Post
Friday, October 2
A Clinton Email Scandal Checklist - Kimberley Strassel, Wall Street Journal
What Benghazi Probe Is Really About - Paul Begala, CNN
What an Election Cycle It Should Be for Republicans - Andy Puzder, RCP
Republican Radicals vs. the Speakership - Norm Ornstein, The Atlantic
President Obama's Syria Debacle - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
Middle East Meltdown and Global Risk - Nouriel Roubini, Project Syndicate
It's the Abortion, Stupid - Rich Lowry, New York Post
House Republicans' War on Women - Rep. Elijah Cummings, Politico
The Baby Butchers and Their Media Butchers - Michelle Malkin, Townhall
Paul Campaign Insists It's Not Folding Tent - Caitlin Huey-Burns, RCP
Clinton's Support Among Blacks Plunges - Philip Bump, Washington Post
Another Targeting Scandal - Noah Rothman, Commentary
Voodoo Never Dies - Paul Krugman, New York Times
A Week of Political Failures - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
Bevin Has Squandered His Edge in KY - Sabato & Kondik, Crystal Ball
New York City Honors a Monster - Kevin Williamson, National Review
A Chief Justice Without a Friend - Linda Greenhouse, New York Times
Thursday, October 1
Trump: Odd Man Out - Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal
Anybody But Clinton? Biden-Warren 2016 - Damon Linker, The Week
The Heart of Ben Carson's Faith - Rebecca Berg, RealClearPolitics
Kevin McCarthy's Truthful Gaffe - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
Hillary Aides Knew of Private Email Risks - Tim Mak, The Daily Beast
What Ted Cruz Really Stands For - Mark Salter, RealClearPolitics
Putin Wants to Humiliate Obama - Ralph Peters, New York Post
Vladimir Putin is in Syria: So What? - Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune
Obama's Faux Sophistication - Heather Wilhelm, RealClearPolitics
Planned Parenthood Talks - Gail Collins, New York Times
Republicans Fail at Hearings -- Again - Mona Charen, National Review
Overcoming America's Political Dysfunction - Harold Meyerson, Wash Post
Will Kate's Law Pass in Washington? - Bill O'Reilly, FOX News
GOP Can't Shed Itself of Racist Appeals - Derrick Z. Jackson, Boston Globe
Progressives & Israel's Right to Exist - Charles Lipson, RealClearPolitics
The End of the Scandanavian Dream? - Laura Secorun Palet, Ozy
Our Navy, Our Destiny - George Will, Washington Post
Latest GOP Polls: SC: Trump 29, Carson 16 | FL: Trump 25, Rubio 14
Wednesday, September 30
As Clinton Falls, Some Dems Still Optimistic - Byron York, DC Examiner
Perspective, Please, on Clinton's Emails - Scot Lehigh, Boston Globe
The Party of Abortion, Not Women - S.E. Cupp, New York Daily News
The Republicans' Fruitless Crusade - Dana Milbank, Washington Post
World Is Safer When U.S. Leads - Rep. Kevin McCarthy, RealClearPolitics
Syria, Obama and Putin - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
U.S. & Russia: What Would Kissinger Do? - Graham Allison, Natl Interest
The Energy Election - Joel Kotkin, RealClearPolitics
What If All Politics Is National? - Thomas Edsall, New York Times
Where Black Lives Don't Matter - William McGurn, Wall Street Journal
Fiorina Lies Like a Boss - Ana Marie Cox, The Daily Beast
Lies, Carly Fiorina and Abortion - Ross Douthat, New York Times
Republicans More United Than Ever Under Boehner - Nate Silver, 538
Everyone Gets Everything Wrong - Fred Barnes, Weekly Standard
'Teflon Don' Morphs Into Real Candidate - Charles Hurt, Washington Times
Will There Be a Third Intifada? - Shlomi Eldar, Al-Monitor
Dan Quinn Is a Hero, Let's Treat Him Like One - Rudolph Bush, DMN
Latest Polls: GOP National (Suffolk) | Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia 
Tuesday, September 29
Obama, Putin Clash Over Syria Crisis - Alexis Simendinger, RealClearPolitics
Deciphering Russia's Syria Strategy - Ilan Berman, USA Today
The Unteachable President - Bret Stephens, Wall Street Journal
The Pointless Cowardice of John Boehner - Jeffrey Toobin, The New Yorker
For Conservatives, What (and Who) Comes Next? - Costa & DeBonis, WP
Why the GOP May Regret Losing Boehner - Sean Trende, RealClearPolitics
Fiorina Is Too Mad To See Straight - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post
Hillary's Feminists Are Suffering From Fiorina Envy - Rich Lowry, NY Post
The Real Divide in America - Robert Reich, Boston Globe
Tax Reform for Security & Prosperity - Donald Trump, Wall Street Journal
Is Donald Trump Serious? - Joe Nocera, New York Times
Is There Any Precedent for Trump? - Michael Barone, Washington Examiner
Why Joe Biden Shouldn't Run - Julian Zelizer, CNN
Nixonian Clinton Strikes Again - Ed Rogers, Washington Post
Death Watch for Rand Paul's Campaign - Sam Youngman, Herald-Leader
The Coming Process of Elimination - James Capretta, RealClearPolitics
The Story of Andy Weir - Alex Kasprak, BuzzFeed
NBC/WSJ: Clinton 49, Trump 39 | Fiorina 45, Clinton 44 | More Polls

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